Homemade delicacies at the Kvevri Shop

In our Shop you can buy a wide variety of homemade delicacies so that there is always something tasty in the refrigerator at home)

Homemade snacks from Lavka:

Chicken roll (with suluguni cheese and spinach) - 90₽

Homemade boiled pork (pork neck with spicy spices) - 120₽

Beef tongue (smoked on cherry shavings) - 270₽

Crispy pickles with garlic - 50₽

Homemade jam - 100₽

Homemade adjika (adjika according to a traditional Georgian recipe of red hot peppers, garlic and spices) - 300₽

Nut adjika - 300₽

Svan salt (traditional Georgian spice made from a mixture of aromatic herbs, garlic and salt) - 200₽

Kakhetian oil (prepared on a hand press from sunflower seeds with the addition of Svan salt and adjika. Has an incredibly bright and interesting aroma) - 330₽

Gurian cabbage (crispy appetizer with beets, garlic and spices. A great addition to any meat dish) - 290₽