Georgian feast at your home!

Surprise your friends and loved ones with the most real Georgian feast right at home!

The Qvevri restaurant will take care of all the hassle. The menu for your holiday is compiled individually by the Chef, based on your preferences.

We are glad to offer you special festive dishes:
-- Baked lamb in adjika (from 2 kg - 2350 r / kg *)
- Whole baked trout or walleye (from 2 kg - 2350 r / kg)
- Suckling pig stuffed with buckwheat with porcini mushrooms (from 6 kg - 2500 r / kg)
- Roasted duck or goose stuffed with buckwheat with mushrooms or apples (from 3 kg - 1600 r / kg)

Prices are valid until 11/30/21
Orders are accepted 5 days in advance.