Homemade tinctures in Kvevri

The perfect end to a Georgian feast!

The drinks are infused with fresh berries, fruits and herbs with the addition of aromatic spices that give them a special flavor.

We offer seven types of homemade tinctures:

Raspberry with Rosemary - a fragrant vodka-based liqueur with sweet raspberries, lemon zest and fragrant rosemary;
Cherry Cinnamon - A spicy sweet vodka-based liqueur with juicy cherries, cinnamon and cloves;
Mead with horseradish - a combination of the mild taste of honey with tart horseradish and cilantro based on vodka;
Ginger-nut with orange - spicy with a slight sweetness, a vodka-based liqueur with fresh ginger, orange zest and nuts;
On a pomegranate - a sweet-spicy, acidic liqueur based on vodka with pomegranate, cinnamon and lemon zest;
Ginger with thyme - a spicy tincture based on vodka with ginger and thyme;
Citrus is a fresh summer liqueur based on vodka with lemons and oranges.

Our tinctures will definitely not leave anyone indifferent!